The Houseproud Scheme

The Home Improvement Trust

The Home Improvement Trust and the Houseproud Partnership

The ongoing national austerity measures have impacted so severely on private sector housing renewal to the extent that the Trust will no longer be able to provide a service. It is therefore with regret that both the Trust and the Houseproud service will cease on 31 March 2013.

For the past sixteen years, the Trust has worked with local authorities and other organisations within both the voluntary and private sectors to provide a service for older vulnerable homeowners enabling them to repair, improve and adapt their homes to a decent, liveable standard whilst facilitating more than £90 million of housing investment across England, Wales and Scotland.

The Trustees are indebted to these like minded organisations for the support that has been given over these past years.

We remain committed to supporting older vulnerable homeowners who wish to improve their homes in order to remain living safely and independently but who lack access to the necessary resources and advice to do so. Our associate not for profit body the Home Improvement Foundation will continue to raise awareness of their increasing needs and to campaign for effective measures to meet those needs of an ageing society.

Other organisations that provide advice on a whole range of goods and services for older people including carers across the United Kingdom and so may be able to assist are as follows:

Advice and information:-

Age UK Advice

Tel: 0800 169 65 65

First Stop Advice

Tel: 0800 377 70 70

Equity Release:-

Better Retirement

(FSA number 153420)

Tel: 0800 035 59 34

Please note that any opinions expressed are those of the individual organisations and neither the Trust nor its affiliates can accept any responsibility whatsoever. In all matters of a financial nature you are strongly recommended to use only organisations that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and its successors.

The Home Improvement Foundation a not for profit company limited by guarantee in England & Wales with registered number : 03944455, Registered Office: 29 Arboretum Street Nottingham NG1 4JA